Q. What's the difference between the Pow-R-Tube® and the Pow-R-Pac™?

Q. Do I need to wear fins?

Q. How does it work?

Q. Why does the switchbox say "rearward" instead of backward?

Q. When is going forward useful?

Q. Does the switchbox control my streering to?

Q. How do I get in and launch the Pow-R-Tube®?

Q. What kind of battery is used?

Q. How long will the Group 24 battery last?

Q. Can I use the Pow-R-Tube® in a river?

Q. What is the minimum depth required for operation?

Q. How much does the Pow-R-Tube® weigh?

Q. How much does the Pow-R-Pac™ weigh?

Q. Can the Pow-R-Tube be detached from the power segment if I want to use it as a conventional float tube on a small farm pond or carry it into a remote location?

Q. How do I fit the Pow-R-Tube® into my car? What kind of space does it take up?

Q. How long does it take to assemble and inflate the Pow-R-Tube so it is ready for operation?

Q. What kind of air bladders are used?

Q. What is the proper inflation pressure and how is it measured?

Q. When I'm done tubing do I need to deflate the tubes?

Q. Do I need to license the Pow-R-Tube® or Pow-R-Pac™?

Q. Are there other uses besides fishing?

Q. Can I take it with me on vacation?

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