The world's only "hands-free"™ powered float craft system!

Been dreaming about using your pontoon craft or float tube on windy days without the struggle of being at the mercy of the prevailing winds?

Been dreaming about traveling long distances to that spot you know is holding big fish? 

Been dreaming about enjoying your time on the water without all that strenuous kicking or rowing?

Quiet Power/Cool Power
As motors have become more powerful, they must run cool to maintain battery life. Minn Kota motors, with larger brushes and commutators, run cooler than the competition, giving you greater sustained thrust and motor life. Unique bearings make them extremely quiet and quiet motors get you closer to fish. Sister company, Lake Electric Motors, designs and manufactures our powerful Minn Kota motors.
Exclusive Weedless Wedge™ Propeller.

prop.jpg (3608 bytes)

The patented Weedless Wedge is the only 100% Weedless prop in the history of fishing. And it delivers full power so there’s no need to carry an extra prop and a wrench. The design behind the Weedless Wedge is both simple and brilliant. The leading edge on each propeller blade is shaped with a swept-back edge that always meets at an angle of less than 45 degrees. That “wedges” weeds away from the hub – even at slow fishing speeds. Even through a jungle.


  • Outer shell made of 1000 Denier Cordura™
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasions, punctures and UV.
  • Highly water repellent, easily cleaned and quick-drying.
  • Will not rot or mildew.
  • The finest material available!
  • Superior quality, self repairing YKK Vislon® zipper. Nothing else comes close!
The picture to the right shows the Pow-R-Pac strapped on to a conventional "U" shaped float tube with the controls located where they should be, at your finger tips!  In a similar way, you would strap the Pow-R-Pac to a conventional pontoon craft.  Either way, it works great!    

Made In USA

Minn Kota® and Weedless Wedge are trademarks of Johnson Worldwide Associates. Cordura® is a registered trademark of Dupont for its air-textured, high-tenacity nylon fiber. Only Dupont makes Cordura®. Scotty® is a trademark of Scotty USA. Force Fin® is a trademark of Bob Evans Designs, Inc. Trolling Thunder is a trademark of Hawker Energy Products Inc.

Warning: Strapping on the Pow-R-Pac to your conventional float tube or pontoon craft will make your dreams come true!


This design element is what separates the Pow-R-Pac from anything available today and what makes it so enjoyable to use.

Because the controls are located at your finger tips, you do not have to contort your body to reach back to change speed or direction which is difficult at best...especially if you have a fish on!  You will not have to buy and modify (voiding manufacturer's warranty) an aftermarket trolling motor. 

The Pow-R-Pac is designed as a system, add your float tube or kick boat and the battery

  • 5 forward and 3 rearward speeds allow you the freedom to move where, and how you want.
  • Travel quickly, safely and effortlessly while your hands are free for tying on a fly or lure, casting, hunting, photographing or simply cruising.

ENGINEERED Performance

  • Minn Kota 30-lb. thrust, electric trolling motor that doesn't know the meaning of quit.
  • Weedless Wedge™ , the world's only 100% Weedless propeller, allows you to cruise through weeds at any speed
  • Marine-grade quick release connectors, cable assemblies and switch box.
  • Powerful, durable and very quiet.
  • Adds stability to your conventional "U" shape or round float tube in windy conditions and rough water.
  • Maximum battery size is Group 24 continuous use marine battery.