Q. How do I get in and launch the Pow-R-Tube?

A. The Pow-R-Tube is not a conventional round or open ended tube and is extremely easy to enter and exit. The easiest way to launch the Pow-R-Tube is to assemble it on shore but leave the battery out. Take the battery down to the spot where you plan to launch the tube. Put the Pow-R-Tube in the water until it starts to float. Then bring it back in until the motor skeg rests on the bottom and acts as a temporary anchor. Get the battery, place it in the battery box, and connect the battery leads. Hold on to the Pow-R-Tube and activate the switch box briefly to verify that everything is in working order. Just step in! You can lean heavily on the tube and it won't tip. It is much easier than with a conventional float tube because the Pow-R-Tube is completely stable.  You don't have to worry about stepping in with fins on, you simply don't wear them. Once you're in, buckle up the crotch strap and ease your way off shore until you are floating. Switch on the motor and have fun!